Charles "Jimmy" Faulkner

Charles "Jimmy"Faulkner (1898 - 1970)

Born in Cherokee County, Georgia, Charles "Jimmy" Faulkner was one of three family members nicknamed "The Flying Faulkners". The first to enter aviation, he joined the Army at age 19, and received his flight training at Kelly Field, Texas. Due to this flying proficiency, he became a flight instructor and test pilot. After World War I, Jimmy became a barnstormer with a famous flying circus until he joined his cousin, Ben, at Pitcairn Aviation where he worked as a pilot, an instructor and a test pilot. Jimmy participated in the development of the Pitcairn Mailwing series of aircraft and the rotary wing Autogiro. The Mailwings were biplanes specifically designed for transporting airmail and for pilot safety. He left Pitcairn in the late 30's and became a flight instructor for Pan American Airlines. During World War II, he ferried many airplanes to allied nations. After the war, he returned to Pan American and served as a flight instructor until his retirement in Miami, Florida.

Charles "Jimmy", Ben and Frank Faulkner were all enshrined in 2003 for their contributions to aviation.