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Frank Faulkner

FrankFaulkner (1906 - 1994)

Colonel Frank S. Faulkner, Jimmy's younger brother, was the most mechanically inclined of the Faulkners. Taught to fly by his older brother, he went to work with Pitcairn Aviation in the late 1920's. Frank was heavily involved in the development of the Autogiro, the predecessor of the modern helicopter, over 40 of these aircraft were produced by Pitcairn for civilian and military use. Frank accompanied the legendary Amelia Earhart on a coast-to coast Autogiro tour sponsored by Beechnut Packing Company. He also flew Autogiros in experimental projects for the Department of Agriculture. During World War II, Frank participated in the testing and development of the P-47, B-17, B-24, B-25, B-26 and B-29 aircraft. He returned to the Department of Agriculture after the war but was recalled for Korea and served in various maintenance officer assignments. During his last assignment at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware, Frank discovered the cause of several accidents involving the C-133. He retired from the Air Force in 1967.

Frank, Ben and Charles "Jimmy" Faulkner were enshrined into the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame in 2003.