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Edward J. Jungemann

Edward J.Jungemann (1918 - )

When Edward F. Jungemann of Savannah, listened to the radio broadcast of Lindbergh’s historic flight to Paris in 1927, he knew his life would be dedicated to aviation. He designed and drew airplanes in mechanical drawing classes in high school, and after graduation, received flight instruction at Savannah’s Hunter Field Airport. At age 19, with less than 4 hours of such instruction, Jungemann made his solo flight in an Aeronca C-3. He later attended Aviation School and Air College in Dallas, Texas. Following completion of his training, he taught in the Civilian Pilot Training Program. During World War II, he supervised the training of hundreds of American, British and French cadets. He was appointed a FAA Private Pilot Examiner in 1945, when he returned to Savannah and established Airflight, Inc., providing flying lessons to both veterans and civilians. In the early 1950’s, Jungemann became a FAA Commercial Pilot Examiner and an Aircraft Maintenance Inspector. When Savannah’s air­port was moved from Hunter to Travis Field, he established the Savannah Air Service that repaired and serviced aircraft, trained stu­dent pilots, flew charter flights, pulled aerial banners, and refueled air­planes. He was also a Cessna and Piper dealer.

In his spare time, he constructed a Starduster II and funded the first aviation service on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. He is a former president of the Georgia Air Trades Association (GATA). As a member of that body, he was involved in establishing the first general aviation management courses at Virginia Tech and at other colleges in Boston, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles. In 1989, Jungemann built a new facility called Savannah Aviation, Inc., which provided flight service, student train­ing, maintenance, sales and other aviation benefits to the Savannah area. He later designed and oversaw the construction of the fuel farm for the new airline terminal at Savannah International Airport. After selling Savannah Aviation, he retired at the age of 79. He was appoint­ed by Governor Joe Frank Harris as one of the first directors of the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame where he completed three terms.

In recognition of his distinguished military and civilian contributions to aviation, Edward F. Jungemann was enshrined into the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame on April 24, 2004.