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JuneMaule (1917 - )

June Aderhold, native of Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania, was seventeen when she married inventor/ designer, B. D. Maule, during the depression days of 1934. The union established a highly successful partnership, which lasted over more than half a century and produced a family of five children. The family business since the 1960's has manufactured a series of aircraft recognized the world over for their basic stability and reliability. From the beginning, June has been deeply involved in all aspects of aircraft production, and has been a major force in the operations of the company, serving many years as Secretary Treasurer and Purchasing Agent. Mrs. Maule is well deserving of the many accolades she has received for her lifetime work for this successful aircraft company. The Maules first began in the manufacture of planes near Napoleon, Michigan, where they had bought property for an airfield after World War II. Prior to approval of the Maule as certified aircraft, June Maule helped write the specifications. During the early days of production, she assisted with the building of airplanes. She later contributed the idea for redesigning the shape of the tail to be squared off- a more modern design than the rounded tail of the era. The squared tail remains a distinctive feature of the Maule today. The first Maule plane was sold in 1962.

In 1968, the plant was moved to Moultrie, Georgia, to the World War II site of Spence Field. Today, the family operated business has approximately 100 workers involved in building aircraft highly respected around the world for their ruggedness and versatility. A favorite of celebrities, the Maule is also a popular workhorse from the Swiss Alps, to the jungles of Africa, to the tundra of Alaska. More than 2,100 aircraft have been produced since the first one rolled off the line. The 61 year partnership of June and B. D. Maule ended with the death of her husband in 1995, but under the watchful eye and skillful hand of June and the family, the business they established continues to thrive. June is the natural successor to head the company, and members of the family- children and grandchildren, are her seasoned co-workers. Recipient of numerous state, national and international honors, in 1989 June Maule was inducted by the Ninety-Niner's into the International Forest of Friendship in Atchison, Kansas, birthplace of Amelia Earhart. In 1993, she was selected from more than 40 candidates nominated for the National Aeronautics Association's Katherin B. Wright Award for lifetime achievement in aircraft manufacturing by providing encouragement, support and management skills to her husband and to their business of manufacturing Maule aircraft over 37 years.

On August 21, 1993, June and B. D. were inducted into the Michigan Aviation Hall of Fame. In March 1999, she was inducted into the International Women in Aviation Pioneer Hall of Fame. She is listed in Strathmore's Who's Who, Imperial's Who's Who and Nationwide Register's Who's Who. June D. Maule, world famous aircraft manufacturer, was enshrined into the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame May 1, 1999.