Captain Thomas Prioleau "Pre" Ball

1. Please review the biographical summary of each of the ten candidates located on the "Biographies of Candidates" page.

2. Vote for four (4) candidates listed below.  Scroll through the names via arrow. Indicate your order of preference by using the First Selection as your First choice, Second Selection as your Second choice, Third selection as your Third choice and Fourth selection as your Fourth choice.  Your vote is weighted in order of rank.  The candidate you rank #1 receives 4 points; the #2 receives 3 points; the #3 receives 2 points and the #4 receives 1 point.  The highest number of points determines the candidates elected to the Hall of Fame.

3. Please submit your votes no later than July  20, 2018. Your vote is important to the candidates and your vote will determine which candidates will be honored at the 2019 Enshrinement Ceremony.

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