Derrick Dennis

Derrick Dennis

The Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame recognizes Derrick Dennis, Airline Transport Professionals (ATP) Founder, for making significant contributions of enduring value to aerospace education in the United States, specifically pilot and dispatcher training at 39 separate training centers using a 321 SEL and MEL aircraft fleet.

Derrick Dennis started ATP while he was flying as a Federal Express B-727 personally teaching students with a small group of enthusiastic Instructors, humble offices and a fleet of three Piper Seminoles. Derrick Dennis insisted on providing high quality training using well maintained aircraft.

ATP prepares men and women for professional pilot careers with airlines, corporate flight departments, air charter companies, flight schools, and U.S. military pilot slots.

From its first location in Atlanta, Georgia, ATP pioneered cost-effective, accelerated, multi-engine training. Among its first customers were U.S. military pilots seeking their Airline Transport Pilot Certificate to transition to airline careers.

ATP later expanded its course offering to include its Airline Career Pilot Program. This highly successful program led ATP to become the number one source of pilots to the regional airlines having the highest ratio of airline placements to students at any flight school, aviation college or flight academy. In the spring of 2018, ATP announced a follow up aircraft order of 100 PA-28/ 180 HP Archer aircraft, making ATP a primary driver in aircraft manufacturer sales growth.