Board of Electors

Board of Electors Committee

The State's purpose for establishing the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame is "to promote and encourage the growth and public support of aviation within the state by honoring those, living or dead, who by extraordinary achievements or service have made oustanding and lasting contributions to aviation in Georgia. Persons eligible for recognition in the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame shall include residents of the state whose achievements in or contributions to aviation occurred within or outside the state and nonresidents whose achievements in or contributions to aviation occurred within the state.

The Mission of the Board of Electors is to vote on the four nominees who will be inducted in to the georgia Aviation Hall of Fame each year. 

Approximately nine months prior to each induction ceremony, a ballot is created containing the names of twenty four Hall of Fame nominees for the current selection cycle. A biographical sketch of each nominee is included indicating his/her achievements and contributions to aviation. 

The duties for the Board of Elector Member consists of the following:

1. Review the information presented on each candidate. 

2. Select the Four candidates that you feel most deserving and best describes the states purpose above.

We sincerely thank all individuals for the wisdom, judgement, and time spent on behalf of the Candidate Selection Process. 

If you have any questions or would like to become a member, please review our Become a Member page.