Honoring Georgia's Aviation Greats

The following information is provided to give guidance in deciding both if you know an eligible candidate and to help you vote.

Who is Eligible for Enshrinement?

Candidates must have made outstanding and lasting contributions to the advancement of aviation or manned space flight. These contributions may include personal accomplishments as an aviator; the design and/or introduction of aircraft, spacecraft and propulsion systems; the leadership of aviation and manned space programs and significant expansions in the use of aviation and manned space flight. 

Candidates must have a residency tie to the state of Georgia in one or more of the following ways: native born citizen, 4+ years residency, and/or made extraordinary contribution(s) to aviation in Georgia or while a resident of Georgia.

The candidate’s contributions to aviation may have been in Georgia, nationally, worldwide or while a resident of Georgia. The candidate may be living or dead and his/her current place of residence need not be in Georgia.

What is the Nomination & Selection Procedure?

Nominations may be made by any organization, firm or individual having knowledge of the candidate’s accomplishments. Substantiating documentation and appropriate contracts for further investigation and research must be provided with the nomination. Properly documented self-nominations will be accepted. Each nomination should be accompanied by a one page synopsis of the candidate’s career highlighting his/her accomplishments in Aviation.

Nominations will be reviewed by the Candidate Selection Committee of the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame Board of Directors. The Candidate Selection Committee will determine that the candidate meets the nominating criteria, verify the authenticity of the accomplishment(s) and perform any additional investigation and research it may deem appropriate, and submit all nominations to the Board of Directors with appropriate recommendations for disposition. The Hall of Fame Board of Electors will then select the inductees from the group of qualified nominees. Nomiations of qualified candidates who are not selected for induction will be considered for selection in the following two years.

How are GAHOF Members Honored?

Inductees are presented and honored at the annual Enshrinement Banquet where they are awarded the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame Medallion of Honor and Achievement. As a fitting symbol of respect and honor for each member, a stainless steel plaque framed in black granite is mounted on the wall of the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame. Etched onto the surface of each plaque is a portrait and brief biography of the honoree. Historical documents, pictures and other memorabilia can also be displayed within the Hall of Fame.

For more information about the nomination process, please contact the GAHOF office at

Nominate a Future Candidate

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