Robert B. “Bob” Ormsby Jr.

Robert B. “Bob” Ormsby Jr.

Robert B. “Bob” Ormsby Jr., former president of the then-Lockheed-Georgia Company from 1975-1984 and was known as the ‘father of the C-5 Galaxy’.

A Georgia Tech graduate, Bob began his career with Martin Aircraft in Middle River, MD outside of Baltimore. In an interview, he recalled that on one of his first days at work, he literally ran into Glenn L. Martin and knocked him down. At the time he thought his fledgling aviation career might be over.

After later moving to Marietta, GA, to work on the C-130 program, he rose through the ranks and led the original engineering team to create the mammoth C-5 strategic airlifter.  He was an ardent supporter of that aircraft for the rest of his life.

His accomplishments are many and include that he was the longest tenured person to hold the title of President at the Marietta complex from 1975-1984.  During his tenure, the then Lockheed-Georgia Company, delivered 674 C-130/L-100 Hercules transports in at least five different configurations. They also delivered the final two C-5As, started and oversaw development of the C-5A Wing Modification program; 33 of the 76 aircraft were delivered in the final four years he was president.  He led the effort to restart the C-5 production line for the C-5B, which went into production his final year as president.  He led the design of the C-141B stretch program and all 270 modified aircraft were delivered under his tenure.

In retirement, Bob helped establish the aviation wing of the Marietta Museum of History.