Bill Lavender

Bill Lavender

Bill began his career in the very early 1970s and progressed his way actively ag flying as an operator and pilot until the early 2000s. During his time as an operator, he became involved with the Georgia Agricultural Aviation Association. When his turn as director emerged, he took over the small 8 l /2" x 11" association newsletter, and as time progressed, evolved that into what today is AgAir Update - read all over the world and printed in three languages.

He was an integral part in the development of the PAASS program, as a member of its Steering Committee during the inception. Facing relentless opposition during its early days, he wrote countlessly about the importance of the program, and indirectly had a major influence in its continued development and acceptance.

Bill's contribution to the agricultural aviation industry spans over 30 years. Every month, without fail, readers all over the world are brought together by articles, new product announcements, safety messages and the basic desire to learn and read about agricultural aviation.

Bill has flown and evaluated every agricultural plane built, and most of the ones that were modified, restored or rebuilt. After every flight, he would give his assessment so other ag pilots could learn.

AgAir Update has featured hundreds of operators, each with their own way of doing things, that undoubtedly has given ideas to other operators and pilots to make their jobs safer and more productive.

He has provided the vehicle for countless new products and innovations to be broadcast for the world-wide industry to learn about and purchase.

Bill's unrelenting support for our National Agricultural Aviation Association is still evident today, with him only missing one Board Meeting in close to 30 years. NAAA will always have a voice and representation within the pages of AgAir Update.

Over the course of his career, Bill achieved the following awards and commendations:

  • Outstanding Director Service Award, Georgia AA, 1984-1985
  • Related Industry Service Award, NAAA, 1992
  • Exemplary Service Award, SEAF, 1995
  • Outstanding Exhibitor Award, PNWAA, 2003
  • Associate of the Year Award, ArAAA, 2004 & 2012
  • 31 years of service to the SEAF, 2013
  • Many awards from various South American associations throughout the 20+ years of bringing ag aviation information to all parts of Central and South America.