Gene "Buck" Wilson

Gene "Buck" Wilson

Captain Wilson was born on July 13,1935 to Frank E. Wilson and Rose Vaughan Wilson at St. Joseph Hospital in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia. Captain Wilson grew up in a Christian environment and attended Gordon Street Baptist Church in Atlanta where he became a member at the age of twelve years.

Completing high school in the early 50's, he was accepted and enrolled at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia (UGA) seeking to earn an undergraduate degree. While at UGA he was a member of the UGA Aero Club where he participated in all activities including learning to fly. While at UGA he played football and had the privilege to represent UGA and the State of Georgia, earning the distinction as a UGA Football Letterman. He graduated in 1957-58 with a BBA, Aeronautics and later a JD in Law. Dr. Lawrence Nachtrab was his Dean in Aeronautics.

After completing his military obligation in the USAF and USA as an Officer, he then embarked on continuing his career in aviation as a pilot. He instructed and flew on-demand charters at Jet America, Jet Atlanta and Southern Aero at Hanger One Atlanta Airport. He also flew for Matthews Construction, Inc., Atlanta Professional Basketball Teams and Atlanta Skylarks on Convair 440 and DC-7 aircraft, as well as Nationwide and Air South Airlines all under FAR 121.  Captain Wilson then moved to Miami, FL, where he was employed as an instructor and flew for Airlift International Airlines, sub of Pan Am a supplemental Part 121 Air Carrier.  Duties included pilot indoctrination, systmes, simulator and crew member wet ditching under FAR Parts 121, 125, 135, and 91. 

Following his time in Miami, Captian Wilson flew part and full time for the State of Georgia Aviation Department.  He was Air Transport Pilot for five Governors, which includes Governor Lester Maddox, Governor Jimmy Carter, Governor George Busbee, Governor Joe Frank Harris and Governor Zell Miller.  He flew State Governors, U.S. Senators, Dignitaries and Congressional Members in registered civil and military aircraft.  Some of the dignitaries during state aricraft flights were Johnny Mathis, Burt Reynolds, Prince Charles (to a UGA Football game), Glenn Ford, Eddie Rabbit, King Hussian and James Brown.  He has operated in and out of all State of Georgia Airports.  Captain Wilson was awarded a Certificate of Recognition by an FAA Inspector for his demonstrated flight skills, leadership, safety and preparation.  He has held a Commercial and Airline Transport Pilot License for more than forty years, and has more than 15,000 flight hours, no accidents or incidents.  Captain Wilson flew many trips for his Uncle, the late Tom Murphy, during his terms of service as Speaker of the House of Representatives, State of Georgia.  Captain Wilson is a current member and former officer in the Aero Club of Metro Atlanta and National Chapter of the National Aeronautics Association.

During the early 1980's, Captain Wilson identified a need for aviation analysis of the Federal Air Regulations.  It takes many years of experience of real life aviation situations to acquire the knowledge to appropriately respond to any challenge as it relates to the FAR's.  He attended law school where he earned a JD, Juris Doctor Degree, Cum Laude.  He then organized Wilson and Associates, Aviation Legal and Safety and since that time has diligently assisted those seeking analysis of their Aviation position for a specific endeavor.  Captain Wilson always wanted to become a pilot but along the way it was important for him to promote aviation professionalism and camaraderie and in giving back to the aviation community. An FAA Inspector may challenge an Airman with a ramp check and it feels good to be able to educate pilots on how to avoid any issues or in some instances to reduce or eliminate suspensions or fines.

After fifty years in aviation his experience colors the views he has expressed, "Aviation in America can improve its processes and do the job better. A focused safety program and operating efficiency must be the overriding goal of excellence". Captain Wilson has observed aviation from all angles, the cycles of prosperity and decline as well as the "gadget innovations" that have expanded and fueled this majestic industry.

Captain Wilson feels extremely fortunate to have had a career in aviation and the opportunity to have hopefully and significantly produced some positive stimulus and solutions in this dynamic aviation community.

To quote Captain Wilson, "As I see it, Aviation is on the threshold of a new horizon and opportunity is prominent in lighting the pathway".

Career Overview

  • Fifty years’ experience in Commercial, General Aviation and Military Aviation including flight operations, training, flight test, airline operations, aircraft design, manufacturing, management, airport lands and human factors.
  • Legal - Aviation litigation support, expert testimony, legal research, deposition and documentation, analysis, aircraft crew standard of care, witness interview and evaluation, aircrew performance and standards of evaluation, pre and post-accident investigation, research and evaluation, air traffic control actions and procedures, crew training operational audits, crew resource management.
  • Accident Analysis - Accident investigation, reconstruction and analysis, NTSB report analysis, CVR and FDR interpretation and analysis.
  • Human Factors and Engineering - Cockpit design and aircraft material integrity for purpose of use, crew member fail safe error analysis.
  • Financial - Cost evolution of capital equipment, route evaluation for profit and loss, merger and acquisitions and operational ratio values, budgeting, estimating and financial forecasting.
  • Experience - Aviation Accident, safety, security and engineering at Spartan schools, Tulsa, OK. Training Department Instructor at Airlift International, Pan American, Flight Safety and Lockheed. Airline Captain and Instructor for pilot indoctrination, systems, simulator; flight and crew member wet ditching, under Federal Aviation Administration parts 121, 125, 135 and 91. Conducted research for Legal and Fail Safe Operational Safety Audits for Airlines both Domestic and International and Corporate Flight Departments.
  • Academic Education - University of Georgia, Batchelor of Business Administration, Batchelor of Aeronautical and Juris Doctor of Law (Magna Cum Laude).
  • Personal Qualifications - Airline Transport Pilot, Instructor, Flight Engineer, Airplane Single and Multi­engine land, instrument, 15,000 flight hours in over 25 aircraft, class, category and type.

Type Certificates and Qualifications - PIV-SIC in the following: DC 6&7, DC8-61, CL 144, 727 DC-9, 747-400, T-34, Lear 23-24-35, Citation 500, DC3, C-46, BE-80, BE200, BE-99, CV 440-580.