Clarence Greer Parramore


Aerobatic Champion-Air Show Pilot-Airline Pilot-FAA Air Safety Inspector

Clarence Greer Parramore was the son of a pilot who flew for National Airlines. Greer was born in Tallahassee, Florida and later moved with his family to Jacksonville and then to Miami. It was in Miami that Greer obtained his first aviation related job. He began as a line service employee which entailed servicing and fueling airplanes at Kendall Flying Service. He earned his flying time and soloed on his 16th birthday. Greer’s employer was famed aviator Mary Gaffney. She was a World Champion on the (then) women’s aerobatic circuit. She was also the examiner who issued Greer’s Private Pilot License.

Greer has seen, participated in, and influenced all sides of aviation. He progressed from grass roots flying, gliding, and aircraft servicing. He then became a military and jet instructor for airlines, aerobatic competitions, and air shows. Greer later became a respected Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Operations Inspector. He willingly shared volumes of knowledge he had gained through experience and training. Greer’s help, encouragement, support, and advice has affected countless individuals, operators, fellow inspectors and continues to this day. He has been the example of a “contributor” and teacher in his chosen field.

As a high school athlete, Greer came to Milledgeville, Georgia, to attend the Georgia Military College, where he played football for two years before deciding the United States Air Force might offer a more promising future than football. Enlisting, he was sent to Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, and then to Spence Field in Moultrie, Georgia. He flew as an instructor pilot in the T-33 jet trainer. Afterward, Greer served in the Air National Guard for five years.

After processing out of the Air Force, Greer was soon hired by Delta Air Lines. Over his career, he flew a wide variety of aircraft operated by the company. These included the DC-6, DC -7, and DC-9; Convair 340, 440, 880; C-47s (DC-3); Boeing 727, and 747s, as well as the Lockheed L-1011.

He holds certificates as an Airline Transport Pilot and an Instrument Rating Instructor (IRI). Greer is a pilot of multi-engine and single engine land and sea planes and gliders. He is also a Flight Engineer for piston and Jet transports. In addition, Greer has many type ratings and is an aircraft owner.

Aerobatics continued to draw Greer’s interest and he competed in a Pitts Special biplane. He won a Canadian Championship in 1974. The lure of the $1,000 prize brought several U.S. pilots to compete. In the finals, due to a propeller problem with his own airplane, he won in an airplane kindly loaned by a fellow competitor, a tribute to the respect among his peers. His skill landed him a 10-air show tour performing alongside the Canada Air Force’s Snowbirds. He flew air show demonstrations for 10 years.

Greer joined the FAA in 2006. In 2023, as he performed his job as an FAA Aviation Safety Inspector, he treats all aviators as being on the same team with the goals of safety, continued learning, sharing, and support. He has set an example for nearly 70 years of advancing, improving, serving, demonstrating, and expansion of general aviation endeavors and excellence. Greer’s instruction and suggestions are deeply valued today in his conducting of check flights and evaluations for a wide variety of general aviation operations.

His highly respected career has been one of teaching, talking, helping thousands throughout the aviation world, and particularly in Georgia. He has touched and inspired many aviators by his example and is known and respected across the State of Georgia.

Clarence Greer Parramore’s many contributions and service to the promotion of aviation in Georgia is a part of his lasting legacy and a tribute to his years of contributions to pilots, operators, aviation safety, and education.